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Honesty. Integrity.

We are the industry leader with 14 years in the 900 number business

We are a Nationally Accredited Authorized 900 Service Bureau.

Peace of Mind.

We have 1,200+ operators working for you around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year!

You've Got Options!

We offer your choice of...

Custom packages available, too! Click here for more.

Own a Dedicated 900 Line Package:

NO monthly fees
NO equipment needed
NO chargebacks

Our 900 Number Business Packages Include:

A complete 900 Number 100% Turnkey Business. No equipment needed, or telephones to setup - we setup everything!
Our Live 900 operators take the calls 24/7, 365 days a week so you don't have to!
Unlimited Service - NO MONTHLY FEES or NO HIDDEN COSTS - No Renewal Fees. One-time setup fee only!
Complete access to our Online Call Count System so you can monitor your call activity.
Direct Line to our Customer Service Dept for ongoing support from our staff.
Sample classified ads for promoting your lines.
Access to hundreds of discount print and internet advertising sources.
Daily and Monthly statements and payout checks every 30 days.
Free Telephone and Email Consultations for as long as you own your 900 number business!
Your very own FREE 900 number website designed by our Internet Marketing staff to meet your specific needs. We setup everything!
Free ongoing advertising consultations to assist you with ad placement for maximum promotion effectiveness.

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Included FREE with your any of our 900 packages, with no additional charges when you order before:

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 Turnkey Business Packages:

Live 5 in 1 Adult Line

The Five in One Adult Line - One calls gets it all. Includes: Live 1 on 1, Live 2 on 1, Dateline, Party Line, and Fantasy Network. Interactive menu system allows the caller to enjoy any or all 5 options on a single call. A very powerful 900 line combination.

Cost to Caller: $1.99- $4.99 per minute
Your Payout: $1.00 per minute

One-time setup fee $487.

To sample this program call:

Interactive Dateline

The Dateline is the "workhorse" of the 900 Industry--with a huge nationwide database, your callers can meet people of any age, sex, or lifestyle in any area of the country they choose. Lines are pre-loaded with over 250,000 real daters from all over the US. This is an active service, so you don't need to start from scratch!


Your callers can...

- Browse other callers profiles by area code, gender and lifestyle.
- Create their own unique mailbox.
- Check their mailbox and respond to multiple voice messages.
- Connect LIVE 1 on 1 privately with each other.

This program is setup to attract many repeat callers, who call in daily to check their messages, and to talk live with others.

Cost to Caller: $.99-$4.99 per minute
Your Payout: $1.00 per minute on One on One Services & 12.5 cents per minute on Virtual Chat

One-time setup fee $487.

To sample this program call:

Live Psychic

The Live Psychic Network is a breakthrough in traditional pychic hot lines. Our psychics are truly gifted with the power to "link in" to your callers via the telephone. They will answer virtually all questions you have about life, money, love, success and romance. After your callers have completed a psychic session, they have the luxury of being able to request the same psychic or a different one the next time they call.

Callers of your line will be inclined to remain on the line with their psychic advisor for lengthy periods of time on the average of 11-14 minutes.

Cost to Caller: $3.99-$4.99 per minute
Your Payout: $1.00 per minute

One-time setup fee $487.

To sample this program call:

Custom 900 number & 800 Pay Per Call Packages

If you have an idea for 900 numbers or 800 pay per call, we can show you how to turn it into a fortune. We have setup thousands of custom programs for our clients.Visit our other website for full details.

We currently offer two types of custom lines:

Recorded Programs Live Programs
  • Business Information
  • Sports Line
  • Joke of the Day
  • Recipe Line
  • Movie Hotline
  • Medical Information
  • How To
  • Fundraising/Sweepstakes

Cost to Caller: You can charge either $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99 & $5.99 per minute. You can also choose from flat rate billing plans of $10.00-$75.00 per call.

Your Profit: Depends on the plan you choose. See payout details on our website

One-time setup fee starts at $599.
$50 per month Maintenance Fee.

Click here for more details and ordering info.

* Allow 1-7 business days for complete setup depending on the pay per call package you select.

* Please note: Our FREE website special is not included in this package.

You line can take 100's of calls for you at the same time. For Custom Recorded Lines - You will dial in to a seperate telephone number (not a 900#) so that you can change your content by recording messages with a touchtone phone. It's very simple.

For Custom Live Lines - We will forward your 900 & 800 lines to your home or office, you don't need any special equipment. You can create your own customized preambles.

Buy direct and save hundreds!
Similar packages sell for over $2,250+ plus, you get much more with

Upon getting started with us, you will ALSO receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the following promotional tools. We will show you how you can promote your 900 package and website best!


Plus, much more!

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